It is for everyone who wants to discover a new version of african culture through entertaiment, especially those who loves superheroes, comics, videogames, movies and anime.

It is available in English and French for now. So it can reach a larger audience. Maybe in the future it will be translated in more languages.

Muntu Warriors can be read 10 years old. For the narrative, the fighting and the language. But if someone is already reading or watching things like Naruto, One Piece, or Marvels like Spider-Man, Captain America or Batman, then Muntu Warriors can fit.

If not, he can start with collecting the Muntu Warriors Trading Cards and follow the story through it without the violence and the language.

The Comic Books, the Trading Cards, and the online subscription (Prime) to get access to the webcomics and all the documentation of Muntu Warriors.

On this website, on Amazon, on blacksands.com for the English hardcover edition, and on the events I go to.

To find these events, stay tuned to the Instagram: @muntuwarriors.

And if there are events you know and that we should be aware about, please let us know below on the contact form, or through Instagram.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I do appreciate the interest you have for my art, but Muntu Warriors takes a lot of work. People want and pay to see what’s next, and it’s a slap in their face if I take all my efforts to work on other projects.

Therefore I would love to keep all my focus on Muntu Warriors. That’s the minimal thing I can and need to do to make it work.

Within 11 to 13 business days. Sometimes sooner. 

For the online subscriptions (Prime), it’s instantly, as soon as the payment is done.

And for the trading cards, it depends on the deliveries of TheGameCrafter.com. But they will give you an estimation during your checkout.


I always recommend to start with the Book 1 of Muntu Warriors. 

It will get you in the story and the world of Muntu through the eyes of the main character: Asanda Zuma. 

And if you’re not keen to get the book, then try the Prime Feature and get a wonderful experience online

Absolutely. I plan to do it in as much platforms as possible. Muntu Warriors has the potential to be in music, movies, anime, videogames, figurines and toys, books, even clothes or accessories.

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Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? No worries. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions. Feel free to email if you have a question about the platform. You can also contact us in the social media platforms below. Or at the mail: muntuwarriors@gmail.com


Muntu Warriors is a brand, not a service from the artist. And it takes a lot of work. So any request for art commissions or to work for other projects outside of Muntu Warriors will be IGNORED.

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