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Comics books/mangas of superheroes inspired by black and African culture

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Our mission is to celebrate and uplift Black and African culture through dynamic and engaging comic books. We believe in telling stories that empower and inspire, and aim to create a space where diverse perspectives and experiences are front and center.

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Muntu Warriors
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Muntu Warriors
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Muntu Warriors
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Muntu Warriors: Origin Stories
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4 Reasons To Read Muntu Warriors

Muntu Warriors will help people, especially kids, to find a Black and African identities they can be proud of.

Unlike a documentary who will just show history, our goal is to use Black and African codes and insert them in a unique story and universe.

Muntu Warriors will help people to get inspired of what kind of man or woman they want to become in life.

People who want to discover or see more Black and African culture can have good basics with Muntu Warriors.


A Muntu Warrior is a person who has the ability to fuse with an Orisha, which is a spirit in the shape of an African mask. The person will then have the possibility use its divine powers. Here is the list of heroes who have been remastered so far.

Coming 2023

Get ready! The new volume of Muntu Warriors is coming this year. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure filled with captivating stories and thrilling action. Stay tuned for the epic arrival of the next chapter in the Muntu Warriors saga!

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