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Hi my friend! It’s your boy Junior Beckley. If you’re watching this page, it means that you know the importance of taking action, and you want to support Muntu Warriors. I can’t thank you enough for that! Your help, whatever it is, is greatly welcomed. I will give you 7 things you can do to support Muntu Warriors. 

1- get the Comic books

Get your comic books of Muntu Warriors and enjoy a black owned universe combining good artworks from an anime and videogame style, a great and intriguing story, and an universe of superheroes empowering black culture with fiction. The Origin Stories are individual stories of the 20 heroes of Muntu Warriors. Each character has his episode, and their adventures are at some point connected to the main story.

Muntu Warriors
Volume 1
Muntu Warriors
Volume 2
Muntu Warriors
Volume 3
Muntu Warriors: Origin Stories
Volume 1

2- Go prime

Ready to unleash the full power of our website? Discover Muntu Warriors beyond limitations with our Prime Feature. You’ll get an exclusive access to premium content, enhanced features, and a truly immersive experience. Take your journey to the next level and join our Prime community today to elevate your online adventure like never before. Don’t miss out on what awaits you!

Discover the full story of Muntu Warriors in Webcomics, and discover all the heroes before everyone else.

Complete bios and analysis of characters, including their strengths, weaknesses, special moves, personalities, detailed story and crazy facts about them.

Discover with Zakhi all the documentation, tales, legends and info you need to know about the Muntu World, as well as the behind the scene content, and some overall content about african culture.

From art to storytelling, personal growth and business, you will get all the basics to be succesfull in the art industry, or to create your own project like Muntu Warriors.

3- donate on paypal

Your donations are the key to unlocking the full potential of Muntu Warriors. With your support, we’ll have the resources to expand our universe, create more diverse heroes, and share empowering stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Every contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact. Together, we can elevate Black and African culture through the power of storytelling. Join us in this incredible journey and be a part of something transformative.

Benefits Of Using Paypal

Impact Of The Donations

Book Printing

The donations collected will serve to print copies and stocks to participate to events and sell signed copies directly to customers.

Participation To Events

The donations will serve to purchase vendor places to display my books during events. And to be able to participate as a vendor in events such as Business Africa, Ubuntu Festival, Natural Hair Academy, Book and Youth Fairs, and even fairs in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Licenses, Subscriptions, Taxes And Softwares

These are all the elements used to make Muntu Warriors work. All these expenses are not negligible.


The funds raised will also make it possible to make use of Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to promote the books. They will also allow to pay for interviews, articles made by the media, and appear on TV channels.

Mass Distribution

In the long term, the funds will allow for the distribution of Muntu Warriors all over the world, in bookstores and stores. The idea is to target English- and French-speaking countries.

Build A Team

So far, I am the only one fully working on Muntu Warriors. And this project cannot be done alone. But with a team, anything is possible. So, the donations will be used to recruit a team that will support me on the project, and allow me to create better content.

4- Join the patreon

Patreon is a membership platform where people can act like patrons and pay artists to create so they can enjoy their works. Patreon exists because when creators are paid they can create more amazing things. Things that will inspire you, teach you and challenge your beliefs.

And through my Patreon BeckleyArt , You are going to experience black culture in fiction through Muntu Warriors, my personal illustrations and some other projects I may have in the future. Also, If you seek to be an artist, I have some tutorials for you where I teach all the secrets of my art. And you will be on board of my artist’s journey as I create other type of artworks, such as fanarts and original creations.

5- Subscribe To Our Newsletter

Want a taste of Muntu Warriors first? By subscribing, you will get a FREE Sample in PDF of the comic books of Muntu Warriors. And you will be informed about all our latest news and you will get some of our articles about African and Black culture.

6- Stay connected

Join us on social media and be part of a wave of change. Every like, share, and follow is a small step that creates ripples of impact. Together, we can amplify our voice, inspire others, and make a difference. Embrace the power of connection and join our vibrant community today. Your simple action can unleash a powerful wave of transformation.

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