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Be part of the Muntu Warriors Elite by watching the whole story of Muntu Warriors in the Prime Webcomics Feature. You will see all the heroes in action through a brand new universe inspired by African Culture. 

In the Muntu Warriors Webcomics

Main story

Webcomic series around the story of the main protagonist: Asanda Zuma, a south african science teacher who hates fiction, and his adventure where he will become against his will a superhero in order to save a world he has himself put in danger.

Origin stories

Individual webcomics about the stories of each hero of Muntu Warriors, in which we will discover their powers and objectives. Each story has somehow a link to the main story.

Explore the lore of muntu with zakhî

Be part of the Muntu Warriors Elite by learning the Muntu lore and African culture.

Muntu archives

In these archives, Zakhî will show you everything you need to know about Muntu Warriors.

Behind the scenes

In this archives, Junior Beckley will show you his creating process of Muntu Warriors, funny facts and challenges he has faced with Muntu Warriors.

Improve your skills in the tutorials

Hi my friend! Junior Beckley here, the creator of Muntu Warriors. Welcome to the Prime Tutorials Feature! In the tutorials, I will share with you some tips, lessons and advices from my own experience and the lessons from I’ve learned  until today. I’m sure these lessons will help you become the best version of yourself and reach your goals, whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a businessman or simply someone who wants to improve himself.

Let me show you what you can get in the tutorials:


In these tutorials series, I will give you tips to improve your overall culture.


In these tutorials, you will get some nice tips to create a great story.


In these tutorials, I will show you principles of art you need to master if you want to be a great artist.

Art breakdowns

In these tutorials, we will analyse some of my artworks, so that you get some art tips.


In these tutorials, We talk about financial education, marketing strategies, and money.


In these tutorials, We will make sure that you have the right mindset in everything you do.

Discover all the heroes

By going Prime, you gain access to an enhanced experience that continues to evolve. Return to our Heroes page and discover new and exciting content awaiting your exploration. Unleash the power of Prime Heroes Feature and unlock exclusive updates, insights, and thrilling additions to their stories. 

In The Heroes Content

Heroes before everyone else

You will witness all the revisited heroes, including the one who are going to appear in public in months, or years.

Detailed bios and analysis

Complete bios and analysis of characters, including their strengths, weaknesses, special moves, personalities, detailed story and crazy facts about them.

Alternate costumes of the heroes

You will see all the characters like you have never done before, in cool or crazy costumes, and alternate costumes going along with their stories.

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Discover Muntu Warriors beyond limitations with our Prime Feature. You’ll get an exclusive access to premium content, enhanced features, and a truly immersive experience. Take your journey to the next level and join our Prime community today to elevate your online adventure like never before. Don’t miss out on what awaits you!

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